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Mending vessels Ministry

Mending Vessels Ministry (MVM) Inc. is a nonprofit corporation founded on Christian principles dedicated to the wholistic wellness of women through the sharing of Inter-Generational Blessings (IGB) .  MVM is a model of orthopraxis in faith and health. Issues of today's women are addressed through prayer, open discussion, scripture, and spiritual practices.  Our goals are: 1) to help women of all ages meet the challenges in coping with everyday life;  2) to bridge the gap between ages through shared inter-generational blessing; and 3) to promote healthcare awareness.


What We Do

-BIBLE Study:

     Tuesday at 12:30pm and 6:00pm

      Wednesday at 6:30pm

-Pastoral Care

-Read and Study Scripture  


-Discuss issues drawn from a vessel for anonymity.  Any topic is acceptable. 

-Share Inter-generational Blessings (IGB)

-Promote healthcare awareness

-Grief and Grieving Seminars

-Budget and Finance

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