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Pastor’s Position on Vaccination for COVID-19 Virus

  • I visited my Primary Care Physician last week.  While there, My Doctor for several years said that he’d taken the vaccine. Also, My Doctor added that all of the persons in the Office had taken the vaccine—and non of them had any side effects, other than minor soreness.  He never said, take the vaccine; but he did infer and imply that the vaccine was safe, and should be taken based on his direct experience, and all those in the Doctor’s workplace.

  • You have also heard Dr. Gloria P. Lewis, a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and Sister L. Renee Gray, an essential worker/first responder at the Veterans Administration Hospital, say that they would take the vaccine when it became available.


  • I have researched vaccines beginning in 1813 - 1820 to see what the Government intervention produced 200 years ago. Our Nation survived and Government led the way.  With the information received from my personal research, and the direct experience of professionals among us, Dr. Key and I took the vaccine last week when it was offered to our age group.

  • Let us, as a people, decide on taking the vaccine based on information.  Instead of allowing maltreatment of the past, suspicion, and superstition, to guide your decision whether to take the vaccine or not, I recommend you follow the recommendations of those who care and advise you on your personal health, such as your doctors, and the professionals who make their living in public and allied health.  So again, based on the information received from my primary care doctor; and information received from the professionals among us each Sunday, Dr. Key and I took the vaccine last week when it was our turn to do so. I had a little soreness, but that was expected.  Our second vaccines are planned for next week, or soon after.

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