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Your Pastor is bound and determined to guard and defend the truth. In this context, in the beginning—literally—The Lord God Almighty ordained marriage as a relationship between the created male and the created female. (Genesis 1:27, 2:18 – 25, 5:1-2). So then, it is incumbent on those who yet trust in the Lord God to keep the flag waving—rather than wavering—by holding and keeping this sacred institution foremost in the minds and heart of mankind lest the heart of God be silenced for want of a voice.

Members at St. John married in the Month of March:

Brother Kerry & Alisa Petty---March 28----------3 Years

Brother Dwight & Ashley Nelson—March 21—9 Years

“When You Marry Her”

When you marry her, love her,

After you marry her, study her


When she is blue, cheer her,

When she is talkative—by all means listen to her,

If she dresses well, compliment her,

When she is cross, humor her,

When she does you a favor, kiss her,

If she is jealous, cure her,

If she is lonely, comfort her,

When she looks pretty, tell her so,

Let her feel how well you understand her,

But never let her know she isn’t the boss.


With the above twelve (12) years St. John has a remarkable total of (seven hundred fifty-two (752) years of marriages. AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN for the God who gave us the divine institution of marriage.

Is it a conundrum that marriages fail for want of two people wanting the exact same thing cannot—or choose not to—come to an agreement over one word—WHEN!!!?

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